About Us

  1. We're a forefront data and analytics services company, operating with offices in the UAE, KSA, and India. 
  2. Since 2012, we've maintained a loyal customer base while also attracting new clients. Over the years, we've successfully executed over 150 data and analytics projects.   
  3. We offer an extensive array of services spanning from data management to advanced analytics, including AI. This encompasses strategic planning, data integration utilizing cutting-edge technologies, and leveraging AI capabilities to deploy actionable insights.
  4. Our team consists of 110 qualified consultants specializing in data & analytics projects. This includes professionals in business, technical fields, and project management.

Our aspiration is to establish ourselves as the foremost trusted and successful provider of data management and analytics services on a global scale.

Mohammed Al-Hashem

Our mission is to immerse ourselves in our customers' data and analytics challenges, treating them as our own, and delivering cost-effective outcomes that consistently produce meaningful value.

Shripad Keni

Our Services

Our expertise in Data Engineering extends to architecting robust data pipelines, designing scalable data storage solutions, and implementing efficient data processing frameworks, empowering our clients with the foundation they need for successful data-driven initiatives.
Data Engineering
Our Data Services are designed to optimize data workflows, ensure data quality, and facilitate advanced analytics, predictive modeling, and real-time insights generation. By integrating business analysis into our data services, we empower clients to make informed decisions, gain competitive advantages, and fuel business growth.
Data Services
Through meticulous data management, rigorous quality control measures, and strategic governance deployments, we ensure that our clients' data is not only well-managed but also compliant, secure, and ready for strategic decision-making.
Data Management
As part of our service offerings, we specialize in seamless partner software data deployments, facilitating smooth integration and optimization of third-party tools to enhance our clients' data management capabilities.
Partner Software Deployment
We provide comprehensive Data & Analytics testing services, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness of our clients' data-driven solutions. 
Data & Analytics Testing
In the realm of data and analytics software development, we navigate the entire development process, from ideation to implementation. Through our utilization of advanced methodologies and state-of-the- art technologies, we engineer customized solutions that empower our clients with actionable insights, delivering tangible value and catalysing growth.
Software Development
Utilizing advanced methodologies in tandem with artificial intelligence, our analytics and insights services offer unparalleled value. This results in the delivery of actionable intelligence, empowering our clients to make informed decisions and foster strategic business growth.
Analytics & Insights(AI)
Our staff augmentation services seamlessly integrate skilled professionals, including business analysis resources, into your team for data integration, data science, and analytics projects, enhancing productivity and delivering exceptional results tailored to your needs.
Staff Augmentation

Our Commercial Services are Driven Based
on these 4 Business Models

We have made it our own prerogative  to serve, support and be flexible to meet any needs (simple or complex) of our customers. 

We bring forth deep assurance to our customers for a comprehensive ROI & success story, in a win-win business partnership.

Measuring Ourselves

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We are proud to be associated with these companies

Bank Albilad Salam SABB Alinma Bank SAB Mobily ANB Al Rajhi Bank Riyadh Bank STC STC

Our value propositions to our customers

We are responsive to our customer demands

We strive to meet and exceed customer expectations bringing time and cost efficiencies.

We are very knowledgeable about data & its lifecycle

We maintain a profound understanding of data and analytics requirements across diverse industries, consistently monitoring and incorporating leading practices from the market.

We empathize with our customer

We intentionally put ourselves into our customer shoes and continually review to build trust & loyalty with our customer.

We are customer outcome oriented

We believe each customer is unique and we define be-spoke & innovative solutions to solve our customer’s complex problems.

Our Global Office Locations

London, UK
To be established in 2024
Established 2012
100+ Staff
Dubai, UAE
Acquisition 2023
5+ Staff
Hyderabad, India
Acquisition 2023
10+ Staff
To be established
in 2024